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Closing Ceremony

Dear Gold Star Families,

We will have a closing get together on Nov 3, 2007 at the Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 310 N 3rd St, Harrisburg PA 17101 (see map).

Due to some hiccups in the Mayor's scheduling office, he will not be able to meet with us. But since this was about the Families and not the political guys....we will do just fine.

The Pine Street Presbyterian Church has offered its sanctuary for our event and small reception afterwards. I took a trip out there to meet with them and feel that this "out of the Blue" gift will be wonderful setting for us.

We will use the door closest to the Capital building (South and 3rd). There is also a handicap entrance if you need wheelchair accessibility.

The Church is open to us at Noon to meet and have a moment of quiet reflection. Around 1 pm we will have a prayer and a few words. (Not many since we did most of that on May 12th and this day the focus is on the families and for them to meet informally.) We will present the banners and then adjourn for light refreshments. After that I may talk myself into a Guinness for Kris at Molly's but only if I have a driver to get me home.

Many of you have already sent an . If you haven't yet, please do so and I thank you. I just wanted to bring you up to date on the change.